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Poster: drjoek Date: Mar 7, 2005 3:08am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Live Dead run Missing

My wife was Wrong!!!
I discovered LMA last September and treated it like the freebies at a convention. I went back over and over and kept filling my pockets(ie Hard drive with shows and shows) I started at the two shows I had been lucky enough to attend in my younger days. 10/31/80 Radio City then purchased Dicks Picks 18 Englishtown NJ. Who knew at the time that I had attended 2 of the top 100 Dead shows on tape. Lucky me I guess. As I drifted through life as a responsible adult for 20 odd years before "getting back on the bus again"(Midlife Crisis? Maybe) albiet from a reponsible distance of listening to releases etc. A couple of years ago I began trying to track down tapes, disks on Napster etc and then happened upon LMA since then I have become a full fledged "HEADcase". I started downloading all the available top shows. Then year to year top shows 66-95, then less than top shows but stuff that seemed intriguing. Then it was downloading Runs at a time.I have even gotten to the point of downloading shows that others seem to think are good shows. Places and times that were new to me.Heck I even streamed two shows because people said they were the worst ever. (Alright I admit I actually downloaded them too Campolindo & Boreal for those that wonder)I, like others have downloaded more than I could ever listen to but knowing that someday I will listen to a new show ( One that sits still zipped in it little file waiting for me to unwrap). I see some of my favorites are starting to be removed from the Archive(2/27-3/269) and I see that I was not a fool as my wife suggests to download 100 Gigs of shows. For once I did not miss the curve I am ahead of the wave. I fear that the trend is toward less access and I feel covetous of the shows I do have and the ones that I may have missed out on, that I am too late to download. I better get busy again. No more dawdling.We should be thankful that we have had this access at all. I am not one who traded and traded for years but I do know that I am happy for what I do have. It is somewhat like a beautuful sunset, here then gone. Isnt that what would be expected of this Archive? Some of us will have gorged on it, others will come in and see a couple of shows and think "Cool" lets get that. I looked at it as a finite comodity. There were only so many shows, I would have gotten all of them then what? Ive got a stack of CD's to burn and listen as much as they will last. It will go away and be gone forever. I guess how I feel is that reality was not- all these free shows in pristine digital format easy to download and burn- and it is not the other extreme where everything is gone. It is somewhere in between. They will take some away and make them into DPs or Vaults.This is not punative. They don't take them away and say you cant listen to the really good shows or the highlights ever again. They are just trying to make a little off it, which sucks, but thats life. If the great shows were being removed and sequestered for ever that would be a shame. They don,t release 36 DP a year, one or two maybe right? So we pony up a bit for what we can afford or we listen to what is available and save for the corporate stuff when we can. I am glad I got some of the stuff that is gone but Im mad that some stuff was gone before I discovered it. Someone will come in behind me in line at the Bus Stop and get on. Hopefully they get on with us and enjoy the ride as it is today.

"This is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago"